JANE MORTEN paints landscapes, but not places which can be located on a map. She moves about in places that no one has ever seen, yet we recognise them all the same.

Her landscapes emerge on the canvasses as highly personal statements: recollections of moods and experiences and - just as important - the process itself of working with colour. Successive layers of over-painting are evidence of the artist’s constant examination of her motif, of the relationship/contrast between colours.

Her works are like allegories of life. Every painting is a walk in uncharted territory.
They are essentially about exploring life and about being present in the moment.

“I paint what moves me to sense life more intensely, while being
conscious of the transience of the moment.”

    Without the sun there are no shadows
    Without the sun there are no colours
    Without the sun there is no life
    Without the sun there is nothing

Jane Morten lives and works in her studios in Denmark and on the Canary island of La Gomera respectively. Following goal-directed lessons in drawing and studies from life under Mr Askov Jensen at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, 1977-1979, Jane Morten was admitted at the age of 21 to The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 1980-1986, and since then she has made a living as a professional artist.

"Jane Morten conveys a nature experience in a realm somewhere between
dream and reality, and she does this in a way that is not only convincing,
but quite rare in modern painting."
C.F. Garde, Art critic